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projects by artist, Doug Selway, Signapse Studio

projects by artist, Doug Selway, Signapse Studio

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Big Draw 06 : 360 Degrees in the Shade

This was a 48 hour drawing marathon held between 13 – 15 October 2006 at the Key Arts space in Ipswich, UK. Part of the national campaign for drawing annual event. My plan was for us all to make a 360 degree panorama of an old church. It turned out to be different and even better than expected.

As my Instructions to Artists said : ” There are no instructions to artists”. Everybody took me at my word and the event quickly took on a life of it’s own. We ended up with a space full of drawings, one of which was sixty foot long panorama done by different people through the 48 hours. I stayed on site for most of the time and it was powerful stuff to be working in the space for so long, with such limited lighting but best of all was devoting such a long and uninterrupted time to drawing.

We had nearly fifty contributors of all ages. We’re already planning next year.

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