Doug Selway

Independent art projects : everything starts with drawing.


I’m a freelance artist which means my invoices pay for the series of solo projects that I’ve been working on for over ten years.

My workflow always starts with drawing and painting, and evolves into small sculpts which are then used to make stop frame animations. The work is made from discarded or recycled products, or from simple raw materials. They static show is presented in small box installations, along with the paintings, drawings and films, at interactive art events.

As the Czech animator Jan Švankmajer said ‘film gives objects the time to find an audience’. For me film completes the transformation process that was begun by painting and drawing. It turns objects into actors, who can go on to find their own audiences. I like the idea that while the drawings, paintings and objects are unique and transient, the films can be distributed and repurposed by others.


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